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March 3, 2005  Received sincerity tax-player accolade
 (sponsored by Pusan District Tax Office)
March 17, 2005  Registered as subcontractor Deokpo plant for
 Fuso Ind co., Ltd..
December 5, 2003  Registered ISO 9001:2000 certification
June 1, 2003  Established the Hanrim plant
August 1, 1996  Change FUSO to the juridical person
 (Fuso Industrial Machnery Co., Ltd)
July 25, 1993  Designated registered subcontractor for
 Korea Alcohol
November 20, 1990  Commenced after-sales service team equipped
 with machine tools at the site of Ulsan Plant for
September 27,1989  Won prize of excellence in accuracy contest
 sponsored by Korea Chamber of Commerce and
August 20, 1989  Commenced after-sales service team at Ulsan
 Plant for Daehan Synthetic Fiber
June 17, 1989  Commenced after-sales service team at Ulsan
 Plant for Taekwang Industrial Company
July 27, 1987  Registered as subcontractor at Hyosung Heavy
 industries Co. Ltd.
March 29, 1987  Registered as subcontractor for Dongkuk Steel
December 12,1986  Commenced after-sales service team equipped
 with machine tools at Eonyang Plant of Hyosung.
November 1, 1984  Registered as subcontractor at Eonyang plant for
 Hyosung.Registered as subcontractor for
 Dongkuk Steel Registered as subcontractor for
 SK Chemicals
July 27, 1982  Approved for execution plan in modernization of
 small and medium size business
February 27, 1982  Commenced production and marketing activities
February 27, 1982  Established the Sasang plant
 (Manufacture of Special industry machine/
 Paid-in capital of 100 million won)
 [Book-gu Office registration]
August 25, 1978  Registered as subcontractor at HYUNDAI Heavy
 industries Co. Ltd. Registered as subcontractor
 Ulsan plant for Hyosung.(Whole outside 20kinds)
March 27, 1972  Established the Company
 (Paid-in capital of 20 million won)
46, Hakjang-ro 63beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea