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 Company Motto
1. Honesty    2. Sincerity    3. Originality    4. Harmony
 Name of the Company
Fuso Industrial Co., Ltd.
 Corporate Vision
FUSO Industrial Co., Ltd. is a specialized company with professional engineers and technicians possessing accumulated expertise in their respective fields and disciplines. The company manufactures and installs various machinery and equipment including Bunching Machines, Stranding Machines, Take Up Machines and Wire Drawing Machines especially for Steel Cord Manufacturing equipments.

Established in 1982, FUSO Industrial Co., Ltd. has been enjoying continually favorable conditions with its technology and quality of equipment from users. The company has steadily gained an increasing number of partners of large companies seeking to set up their industrial infrastructures.
Such integrity and sincerity shown by our company played a hand in our selection as a model for small and medium business two years since our inception. Moreover, a prize for excellence won by Fuso in a precision contest sponsored by Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1989 further allowed the company to gain recognition in its technical ability.
The technical expertise accumulated by FUSO since its inception, coupled with high quality products has made it possible for technically capable partners to produce quality products. FUSO Industrial Co., Ltd. based on such technical expertise and stable technical position, has been poised to leap forward not only in the domestic market but also in the worldwide arena.
All of us at FUSO will continue to exert continuous effort in the pursuit of technology development and foster talent to produce world-class products.
 Fuso of Today
FUSO has grown with unflinching determination and continuous effort, and is on its way towards a better future, willing to create a brand new industrial culture in the 21st century.
 Quality of Fuso
1.Scientific design
2.Selection of the most suitable materials
3.Optimal production process
4.Use of superior equipments and facilities We at FUSO are striving to meet the foregoing tasks.
46, Hakjang-ro 63beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea