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 Tubular Stranding Machine
 Tubular stranding machines is one of the well known and useful for making not only high carbon steel
 wire rope but also copper, aluminum cable , P.C & A.C.S.R stranding process.
 Also, we designed and sold this machine especially for steel cord, belt cord and control cable for
 automobile industry
Skill position Skill parameter
  Product type
7xD 1 setep In-Out type single twist strander
- Horizontal type
- With Wrapper type(Synchronizing)
- Bobbin ; Core strand (BB20)
Strand (BB20)
Wraper (BB9)
  Cord construction
  Power supply
  AC3 phase 50Hz 380v
  Filament or Strand diameter
  Min. 0.15mm ~ Max. 2.00mm
  Final Cord diameter
  Min. 0.50mm ~ Max. 4.00mm
  Machine RPM
Max. 2,000 RPM
(Wrapping speed is according to the machine speed and Lay length)
  Lay direction
  S/Z/S or Z/S/Z Combine Type
  Lay pitch
  12.5mm ~ 60mm (Gear change type)
  Wrapping ; 3.5 and 5.0mm
  RPM control
  Controlled by AC invert system
  External ; BB-20 Bobbin (Multy Guide roller)
  Internal ; BB-20 Bobbin (All Horizontal Type)
  Bobbin brake
  All Multi band lining(chain) Type
  Over Twistr
Electronic control system
Ratio ; Min. 3,000 RPM / 30 RPM
Max. 3,000 RPM / 500 RPM
  Length counter
  Double counter system and 4 step
  sensing per one turn of the counter roller
  Display and Control
  Color tuch screen
Combination ; B40, B80, B60, B120
Traverse ; Ball screw type
Stand table height ; 600mm
Equaliyzation tension control system
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