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 Drawing Machine Tuner Roller Type
This model is the most advanced type continuous wire drawing machine. It can help you to draw high tensile steel wire and high grade steel materials under the best conditions of the drawing process the oretically and practically. It is easy to handle the machine because it is operated by D.C. motor or A.C. motor with Inverter Control system. It's mechanism is also very simple to suit your convenience for repair and maintenance.
  Technical Data
Model FSTD-600 FSTD-760 FSTD-900
  Drum dia.(¨Şmm) 600 760 900
  Inlet wire dia.(¨Şmm) 9.0~4.5 13.0~7.0 15.0~10.0
  Outlet wire dia.(¨Şmm) 5.0~2.0 7.0~3.0 9.0~4.0
  Drawing speed (m.min) 450~700 300~450 250~300
  Motor Power(KW) 37 55 75
 Drawing Machine Dancer Roller Type
This model is a kind of straight type machine. Fixing roller and dancing roller are set bettween drawing drums on which is accumulated the steel wire by keeping proper tension. If the wire speed is not at an invariable ratio, the dancing roller will come into action accordingly. Sensors are attached to the dancing rollers to control the wire speed electrically by keeping proper tension on it through drawing process. Therefors, this machine is suitable for drawing high tensile steel wire and high grade steel mate-rials of small and medium diameter.
  Technical Data
Model FSDD-300 FSDD-400 FSDD-450
  Drum dia.(¨Şmm) 300 400 450
  Inlet wire dia.(¨Şmm) 3.0~1.6 4.5~2.5 5.0~3.0
  Outlet wire dia.(¨Şmm) 1.0~0.4 2.0~0.9 2.5~1.2
  Drawing speed (m.min) 500~1200 500~1000 500~1000
  Motor Power(KW) 15 22 30
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